Hello KL!

Hello KL! Did a quick trip to Malaysia for our first TCLMY event inviting customers down for a floral making session. ;) We organised this event to get to know our Malaysian customers better. It was a cozy session where we got to talk to each and everyone who came!

Oh yes, do you know of the twin towers? The funny thing was we booked this hotel to have a nice view of the pool and skies but... the pool was closed for repair works the week we were there. :’( Well that was the best shot we could get of the twin towers haha.

Touched down and did a quick brunch run to this pretty space - BoDining.

We needed our carbs, or rather I needed my carbs. I am always hungry when I am travelling haha.

Found a quaint spot at one of the cafes in the building! Vibes of the cafe was awesome. We wanted to hang such bulbs for our relax corner in the office but switched it out in the end heh. Can’t wait to show our relax corner which has a tropical bohemian vibe!

Styled our Rifla Knotted Top with a simple pair of jeans. One of you told me that you bought both colors after seeing my ootd. <3 Such messages really make my day, knowing that the designs we produce make you feel good and confident in them!!

The centre knot is the highlight of this design. Keep your styling minimal and simple! Let the details stand out. :)

Never getting tired of this sight! The real flowers hanging from the ceiling are still going strong. Visited our Sunway Pyramid outlet and did some try-ons! If you missed them, I am sorry they are no longer available on our Instagram but we will have more soon. ;)

I feel this connection with KL because look what I found? “Hello Gorgeous!” Just like the decals on our fitting room mirrors haha.

Fuelled up with a quick brunch stop at Pokok! Food was decent but the natural light streaming through the glass ceiling was beautiful.
If you like my sense of humour, go to Bree’s recent post on Pokok and check out the string of comments I left hahaha. ;)

Since it was going to be a full day of events, I threw on our Atlanta Sleeved Top and matched it with the brown pants most of you picked during our IG live session. It was an impromptu live session which I enjoyed doing because I got to talk to quite a few of you! :)

Material is so comfortable for this and the subtle pleated details on the collars add a nice finishing touch.

Quite a few of you asked about the pants but it was launched almost 2 years ago. It is unlikely for us to relaunch it so look forward to newer pants designs instead!

One pic of Bree and I to end the post! Our TCL team will be sharing more about the event we organised soon! Let me know in the comments below if you are eyeing any pieces from the launch tonight? <3