#TCLstayhome With Bree & Bert

Hi everyone! We are back with a new post to share about how working from home is like for us! (: It’s week 2 and so far, things are going on well! There are some things that make work from home more enjoyable, like being able to mask anytime or having our dogs nearby. 

Read on to find out more!

Bert: Mornings are made better with breakfast! I like to start the day with good ol’ breakfast to give me energy. Usually, I’ll either have cereal and milo. During my last grocery run, my favorite post cereal was sold out hence I made do with these muesli and yoghurt.

Bert: After skincare, depending on how I feel for that day I’ll decide if I should keep my skin bare or put some light makeup on! For an easy makeup routine, I opt for this serum foundation from Bobbi Brown, trusty quick fix liquid eyeshadow from Three Cosmetics, brow pencil from Etude House and my must have all in one palette from Hour Glass Cosmetics. Staying at home doesn’t mean you need to be in PJs all day, sometimes it is nice to doll up to feel good too. :)

Bert: My work day is started with video calls! Thankful for technology to keep our team spirit going with face to face interaction. Sometimes we have team lunches too and we have tried to play some games over lunch! ;) I definitely have to think of more team activities over video calls because they are so fun!!

Bert: Staying at home means I get to spend a lot more time with my family! I stay with my in-laws and these days we have meals together almost every day. Some days we cook, some days we will try to support our local restaurants and hawkers. Here is a meal delivered by Brine Singapore. Their food never disappoints!

Bree: Even though we have stopped operations at our HQ and warehouse, there are still tasks to be completed at home, such as samples for manufacturing. Thankfully, Bert and I managed to try on our new samples before the circuit breaker was imposed! WFH nowadays involves me making orders for the new stocks. It can be quite time consuming as everything has to be noted down in Chinese unlike in the past, where we simply conversed in Chinese with our suppliers. Written Chinese is definitely tougher than speaking! I have to be extra careful to ensure there's no mistakes as well, else we might have a shock when stocks arrive!

Bree: The ordering process includes picking the fabrics if we were to change the fabric for the sample. For eg, if using chiffon is not suitable, we will have to change it to something else. It also includes picking the colours/prints! It may sound fun but having to do this repeatedly (sometimes it goes up to 50 times if we have 50 samples!) can be a little confusing as it will seem like you're doing the same thing over and over again! Haha. We also have to make sure the different designs have a range of colours so that we wouldn't end up with all designs having the same colour choices!

Bert: After a long day at work, we all look forward to dinner! Been missing out on ban mian ever since WFH started, thankfully Poon Nah Homemade Noodles provides delivery services now! Their chilli is full of kick and makes the soup so good. Shared with the family for the first time and all of them said they were surprised by the taste of the soup too. Give this a try if you haven’t. ;)

Bree: When night falls, one of the things i like the most is lighting my scented candle. In this case, it's not so much of "light" as i'm using a candle warmer instead! Got this from Yankee last year and it's one the best buys for the room. I personally prefer using a candle warmer instead of lighting it up as the candle lasts a lotttt longer than burning! If you don't know how it works, basically the light from the candle warmer melts the wax to release the scent! It's also safer than lighting it up as there's no fire involved so for people with young kids at home, you can consider this! I really like scented candles as the scent makes the room real cozy, and it helps make you feel relaxed.

Bree: Applying my skincare is also one of the things i look forward to after a long day. I have some "essentials" and it includes a mask and facial oils. I've started to mask every single day during this period and I'm hoping for better skin! On top of the sheet masks, I also use this midnight recovery oil from Kiehl's. Definitely one of my favourite products from the brand, as it hydrates my skin, does not have a sticky or tacky feeling and is great for my sensitive skin! On top of these, I also use my SkinInc Tri-Light optimiser device every alternate day. It comes with different light settings to tackle different skin conditions and my favourite is the yellow light! Yellow light helps with evening out your skin tone as well as brightening!

Bree: Lastly, who else is a fan of Netflix? Netflix is a no brainer, everyone enjoys a good show and you can find me on Netflix very often! I watch more Korean dramas that English ones though, but i've just started on Terrace House! Heard that it's a popular series so let's see!

We hope you have enjoyed these behind the scenes snippets of our WFH day! Remember to stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. We are all in this together, and if you’ll like someone to talk to please feel free to reach out to us. Looking forward to meeting everyone IRL soon. :)

Love, Bree & Bert