TCL Retreat

Helloo helloo!
I am back with a quick post on our latest staff retreat.
We had our first staff retreat last year and this is our second one.
We make our staff retreats a yearly affair for our girls to bond with each other across the two teams, as well as a time for them to recharge after the peak period! 

Chose Penang as our destination this time for its food and fun trails. ;)

Our accommodation was simply perfect!
Instead of the usual hotels, we opted for a traditional shophouse stay.
There was a living room area for our girls to gather at night if they wanted to. 

First day was spent brainstorming about their vision for TCL a few years down the road.
We had a fun time sharing our pseudo TIME magazine covers! 

Our second day started with a Penang food hunt!
We broke into two groups and embarked on a treasure hunt for food haha. 

Penang is known for their pretty wall murals and this wall mural above caught my eye.

The weather was quite warm but the girls pulled through and went from station to station.  

We had so much good food like this bowl of prawn noodles. 

Couldn't resist traditional egg tarts too! 

This ice ball with its colorful syrup helped to cool us down!
This was quite cheap at about 3 ringgit? ;)

Us and our iceballs!! 

Found a fortune cat!
If you come across this wall mural, be sure to spot the hidden mice somewhere haha. 

Wore something bright and cheery for our food hunt!
This is a simple off-shoulder dress with pretty mustard floral prints. 

Dress: Rinasa Floral Printed Midi Dress

Adore the off-shoulder details and this lovely yellow floral print!
Wore it for the whole day and did quests in this dress but it wasn't restrictive at all!

And that's a wrap for our staff retreat!
We had fun playing games at night and bonding over drinks and more, till the next! :)