TCL Milestone

Hello! I am nursing a bad cough + flu at home and since I have time, editor's voice it is!
Sharing some snippets of our Iphone app launch at Funan IT Showsuite. :) 

Let's start off with this beautifully styled corner by Styled Story!
This was our photo spot and oh boy everyone couldn't stop snapping photos here.
I really love the balloon structure so much! It is all pieced together one by one by the Styled Story team. 

It makes a really pretty photo spot. :) 

For our app event, we didn't want it to be just an event for you girls to come and try the app.
We wanted it to be interactive and fun, hence we thought of inviting a few vendors down.
Met Grace Ciao at a few other events before and I knew she was someone we wanted at this event. 

Check out her drawing? 
She draws your outfit in less than 1 minute I think! 
Fast, furious & accurate haha. 
That's Constance there in her drawing, check out her resemblance in our photo together below. 

Here is Constance, the emcee of the day!
If you've followed us from way back, you'll recognise her as one of our models.
So happy to catch up with her again that day! :)

Grace's drawing really looks like Constance right?
I am always in awe of her skills!

Mamonde set up a booth for everyone to try their newest lippies!
We picked Mamonde because their products are floral based, and our theme was florals which went really well together. 

Not forgetting that Mamonde products are not only affordable but good too!

Mamonde's in-house make up artist sharing some tips about their products.
You can find Mamonde's products at their flagship store in Takashimaya. :) 

How can we forget a photo-booth?
Photo-booths are always so much fun! 

We had a floral bar by Keira Florals to create your own bouquet!
This is the first time Keira Florals set up their floral bar and I think they managed it super well. 

I have personally worked with Lowee for my wedding florals and knew she would be perfect for the event. 

You get to pick your own florals from the selection and Lowee will give you tips on whether your bouquet fits or if you need to switch some out for others. 

Pretty fun activity I must say! 
Brides to be, you can consider having a floral bar during your cocktail session for guests to mingle and have some fun before your wedding dinner haha. 

Look at how happy we were with our flowers haha. 
I hope most of you enjoyed the activities we planned for the day? 

Unfortunately due to space constraints, we were unable to invite a large group of people!
If you didn't manage to make it down for this event, look forward to our future events! 

One with the TCL team for the day! The marketing team worked really hard to organise this event so kudos to them!
Here we have part of our logistics, design and marketing team all in one shot. <3

Of course one with Bree to end the day! Thankful that she gives in to my crazy ideas and supports them without questioning much about the rationale behind my proposals. I guess she knows that whatever I propose, I propose them with a good heart and benefit of TCL. 

I hope the app has eased your shopping and made it much easier? :) 

Special thanks to Paddy Hills for the pretty buffet set up and delicious food!
I have always thought that Paddy Hills only served food at their cafe but recently they started catering too. 
You can expect a really good setup + plenty of good food. 

Desserts anyone? ;)

Definitely have to post this because all of the TCL girls were wearing our Kourtney top in different colors.
It is one of our best selling tops for the month and we opened backorders for selected colors. 

As usual, if you have any feedback for the app, feel free to share with us and we will keep improving the app to enhance your shopping experience. 

After all, this app was created with you in mind and we will want you to have the best possible app experience. 

Thank you for all the love for the app! <3 

With Love,