Hi ladies!

This is Bree & Bert writing our first post on our app! If you are new here and don't know who we are, we are the founders behind this brand, hello you! :)

When we first shared with our friends and family about our app, the most asked question was, "Why do you need an app when you already have your website?"

We guess some of you might be thinking this the same too and we thought it will be nice to share our vision and ideas behind our app.

When we first started TCL, we went for fleas whenever there was one. We took that as a marketing exposure for us to share our brand, and the opportunity to meet our customers. We believed that customers are important to our business and till date, we still hold firm to this belief.

However as the business grew, it became harder for us to set up booths at fleas. Then Instagram and Facebook came along, which allowed us to get closer to all of you once again. You might not know, but we do check out some of your profiles from time to time! Some of you have gifted our pieces to your bridesmaids and friends, some of you have worn our apparels your special occasion and these truly mean a lot to us.

You have been through so many milestones with us, from the launch of our online website, to joining multi-label stores, and finally having our very own first retail store.

“This connection we have with you ladies is something we hold dear to our hearts and one that we will never give up on.”

This app was thus created with this vision in mind - to remain connected to all of you, to build a bond that's more than just a shopping website and shopper relationship.

The community is a place for all of us to share our favorite outfits. We love seeing you in our pieces and we'd love for you to share with other customers! It is a place for us to tell you our stories. It could be visits to our factory where our apparels are made, the inspiration behind our designs, our daily outfits, our first wedding celebration and so much more - this app was created with you in mind.

It took almost 2 years for the team to build this app and we are so glad it is finally ready for you. We are hoping all of you will love it! Please feel free to give us any feedback you may have so we can make it an even better app for you.

And again, thank you for supporting TCL through the years, and thank you for joining us in another milestone of ours!

With Love,
Bree & Bert