Upcycle Your Apparel Tags!

Unveiling a brand new look for our apparel tag right here!
We have been working on this little touch for a long time coming.

We hoped that with every piece of apparel that you purchase from us, we are able to minimise our impact to the environment in our own little ways. Apparel tags are undeniably important to us - they consist important apparel-related details, adds on a unique TCL touch to the apparel and also represents the pristine condition of the piece.

But we wanted something a little more than that, hence, we worked on a design which can allow the tag to be upcycled in ways more than one.

Here's just a short video to share some of the ways that this tag can be upcycled.

The ideas are of course, not limited to just these. We can't wait for more creative ideas to come from you ladies!

Let this season be your season.

A reminder that we hope will uplift your spirits each time you lay your eyes on our pieces.

Thank you once again for showing your love and support for our styles and we can't wait for more moments together with you.

The Closet Lover