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Dazed By Lace

Thu, 2016-04-21

Lacy, sleeveless tops have truly come a long way.
Bared skin, thin spaghetti straps and delicate lace has restricted its popularity in fashion till the 2000s.

But as the rules of the game change, we are starting to see such tops here, there and everywhere.
Still, we aren’t complaining, the weather might be unpredictable but we know for sure it’s always gonna be hot!

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What You Want, You Get!

Fri, 2016-01-01

HELLO 2016. Our first post of this brand new year.

You ladies turned up the girly charms the whole of 2015 as we heard all your calls for all things lace, crochet and florals.
If you haven't gotten your fill for them yet, worry not.

One-piece Wonders

Thu, 2016-10-27

We love our separates and we are pretty sure that all you ladies love yours as well!
Just think of the various types of tops and bottoms that we have available and it is easy to understand why!
Separates open up endless possibilities in our constant pursuit for fashion perfection.

But did you know about the wonders of one-piece apparels? ;)
Read on and find out more how one-piece apparels can do wonders regardless of your style!

Fabric Refinery

Thu, 2016-08-18

This week, we take a step back from prints and go back to the foundations of fashion pieces.
Many a times, we tend to overlook this about our apparels, but it is actually one of the most fundamental segments of fashion.

Yes, we are talking fabric.

Casual Ways

Tue, 2016-07-19

Casuals are the constants in our wardrobes, especially so when we reside in a place which enjoys 365 days of summer!

But one key point to note: Casuals don't mean sloppy!
You've got to do casuals right by choosing the right pairing and accessories to go with.

We share our takes on casuals this week - 3 different ways!
All casuals but three different vibes altogether! ;)

The Casual Sweet
We know how denim shorts spells casual best.

Le Fleuriste

Fri, 2016-05-13

Flowers may be a default proposition when it comes to spring, yet it is met with little opposition.
Who can resist florals, be it ditsy springtime prairie or classic romantic roses?

Cherry-picked for you ladies, our newest collection: Spring Vines includes sartorial pieces that infuse the notion of spring with a hint of femininity.

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