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Fashion Mix & Match

Wed, 2016-11-16

Mixing and matching different tops and bottoms to make an outfit work - that's pretty much the challenge we face everyday.
We've been sharing our two cents worth on what works well with you ladies and here's another way that you can play up the mix and match game!

Mix & Match
Pair up different fabrics to make up your outfit!
Don't be afraid to try this out because this is way simpler than you think.
Trust us! You'll be pleasantly surprised at how this play on fabrics can be easily executed and it adds on a lot more dimensions to your look.

Suede X Crochet

Suede X Crochet

We know that the two fabrics above do not sound like they would work out well, but here's where we come in to prove you wrong! ;)
This look can be kept simple yet stylish, just the way we did when we paired our Amber Suede Top with our Adrelle Crochet Skirt!

The suede top is a classic number that is great to match just about any outfits and bottoms!
By matching it with our crochet skirt, it enhances the crochet details and becomes an instant highlight of your look!

P.S. We suggest that you keep the colour scheme of the your outfit the same though i.e. pink top with a berry coloured bottom!
It lends more coherence to your look on the whole! ;)

Knit X Denim

Knit X Denim

This is one classic combination that does not need much introduction from us, does it?
Denim is well known to be a fashion turn-to because it will goes well with anything.

When you pair a knit top with a denim bottom, you've gotten yourself a perfect fall combination!
Perfect for the rainy season these days, we say! ;)

Because denim is that versatile, it is a great chance for you to try out different colour combinations! 
Seize the opportunity to experiment with hues that you have never tried before.
You can be sure that the denim bottom will make the whole process way easier and before you know it, you're rocking a brand new look! ;)

Knit X Suede
For all of you who are seeking a different look and game enough to venture out of your comfort zone, give this unique combination of knit and suede a try!

The same golden rule applies - stay within the same colour palette and all will be good!
Trust us when we say that the fabric pairing over here will make you the centre of attraction! ;)

Go on and experiment with different fabrics mix-and-match, try out the different combinations that will have you top the style game in no time!