Ordering & Shipping

To make a purchase, simply add item to your shopping bag. Do ensure that the correct size/ color are selected as no changes will be allowed upon check out.

You will be able to see on the top right hand side that the item has been added to your bag.

When you have completed browsing the site and ready to check out, click on "CHECKOUT"
You will be brought to the payment page as below:
Fill in your billing details, ensuring that all fills are entered correctly.
If you have a discount code, enter your code under the "Discount Code" component found on the same page.
We accept local bank transfers, paypal or credit card payments.
Select the type of payment details you are using. 
For Internet Banking transfers, you'll automatically be directed to the update payment page. 
Select your transaction type: Internet Banking
WEF from 20th May 2013, ATM transfers are strictly not accepted. Payment must also be updated within 12 hours instead of 24 hours.
WEF 7th Dec 2015, UOB payments are not accepted.
You'll also receive an email notification in your email inbox with the link to the update payment page. 
Once we have verified your payment and sent out your parcel, you'll receive an email notification stating that your item has been delivered. 
Thank you for shopping with us!